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The PCA Group helps leading companies leverage their investments in Marketing, Big Data and Analytics to create truly profitable customer relationships

The quest for profitable customer relationships is intensifying. Yesterday it was just about acquisition – today it is about real time needs prediction, product penetration and retention – but on a basis that works for both you and your customer.

For over a decade, The PCA Group has been designing, implementing and operating joined-up Marketing, Big Data and Analytic capabilities for large B2C organisations - a discipline becoming known as Customer Value Management (CVM).

The PCA Group’s projects have repeatedly achieved significant and lasting business benefits by harmonizing leading edge software tools with enormous quantities of data, streamlined processes and highly trained staff to generate optimised returns from very large customer bases whilst keeping operating costs to a minimum.

The continued success of The PCA Group has been based on its ability to accurately define exactly which capabilities are required for its clients, to manage the implementation of these capabilities to ensure on-time and to-budget delivery and, if required, act as an “implant” to run operations on a day to day basis to attain the benefits promised at the outset.

To provide these services, The PCA Group harnesses its acclaimed vision of the future of B2C relationships and its proven methodology for implementation. This is a complemented by its ability to call on some of the world’s leading solutions providers and renowned subject matter experts.

In the words of Martin Butler, founder of The Butler Group, “PCA Group has identified a set of technologies and business models that virtually all businesses will have to adopt over the next ten years.” view more

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