Management Team


James Wilkinson, Managing Director

James Wilkinson has spent his career helping clients to enhance their businesses through the implementation of sophisticated analytic solutions.  From his early years with Andersen Consulting he moved on to head the Data Modelling Group at Ernst and Young and latterly the UK business of eLoyalty – one of the leading global Customer Relationship Management consultancies.

From his experiences in helping organisations embrace CRM, James was convinced that there had to be a way of leveraging better returns from their investments, and thus The PCA Group was born.  Since then, James as acted as Programme Director on The PCA Group’s Customer Value Management assignments around Europe and now heads The PCA Group Latin America.


Kendji Wolf, Analytics Director

Kendji Wolf is one of Brazil’s leading experts in Customer Value Management. With degrees in Statistics and Marketing, and an MBA in Business Management, Kendji has held top positions in the Marketing and Customer Management operations of some of Brazil’s foremost companies, including Vivo, Telefonica, Global Telecom and Bank Boston. His experience spans Business Intelligence, CRM, Customer Segmentation, Statistical Modeling and Direct Marketing. In addition to his role with The PCA Group in Latin America, Kendji is also Professor of Analytics for Big Data at USP in São Paulo.



Allan Engelhardt, Solutions Director

Allan Engelhardt is an experienced Customer Value Management professional who delivers commercial results.

For the five years prior to forming The PCA Group, Allan was exclusively focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  He assisted large European and North American companies define and implement their Customer Relationship strategies leading large projects usually critical to the business and often involving a substantial business transformation effort.

With a background in experimental physics, Allan has always been conscious of the challenges of extracting information and insights from very large data volumes and of applying these insights in real-time.  From his CRM experience he realized that few organizations were applying their customer insights efficiently in the business operations.  Convinced that this was a key element to achieve successful return on the CRM investment, he co-founded The PCA Group.  Allan has been instrumental in bringing new technologies and techniques to The PCA Group’s Customer Value Management activities, and is a recognized expert in predictive analytics and the use of R.



Martin Dixon-Tyrer

Martin Dixon-Tyrer is a commercially focused international manager with a track record of delivering profitability in high volume B2C environments through Customer Value Management: revenue growth, increased loyalty, and cost reduction. Martin has experience in the Telecommunications, Financial Services, and High-Tech industries.

Prior to joining The PCA Group, Martin held a number of roles within the Marketing and Customer Relationship functions at Vodafone plc., and was also Vice President at specialist CRM consultancy eLoyalty with direct client responsibilities on large business transformation projects in both North America and Europe.

Having hired and worked with The PCA Group during his time at Vodafone and being very impressed with their results and method of working, it was natural for him to join forces with them.